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Complete Project

From business idea to launch. Benefit from our experience in requirements gathering, planning, integrations, DevOps and support.

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Free Consultation

After our initial discussions we’ll provide a written summary advising on the next stages for your project.

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Slick User Interface

Using the latest technologies and modern designs our systems are a joy to use for your staff and customers.


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When a client comes to us, they have big idea. Expanding on their requirements...

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Ben Sills


Thinking outside the box

With technology we can do great things, but if you are not sure of the boundery then it can be difficult.

Over the last 8+ years as a professional full stack developer, my passion has been delivering solid and highly scalable solutions to help businesses grow. Managing projects throughout their lifecycle with an end goal of delivering real value to their business.

Specialising in C# and Microsoft technologies, I have a great understanding of what components are needed to produce a successful solution. My most utilised technologies / frameworks include: .NET web technologies, Front end frameworks, Databases, Javascript, CSS.

James Sills

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